Work Page 11-21
1900s English Zither Banjo

7 string
Attempt to make playable
Severe neck bow

If successful, dress frets, repair inlay, refinish neck
Seal all delaminations, strip old finish
Refinish with Nitro Lacquer

12-21 update:

There was no saving the original neck, at least no cost effective means of justifying an attempt.
So I went with a 1920s Tenor neck, unknown maker, mahogany, 19 fret.
Inlay on fingerboard was close enough to make it the choice.
I cut the heel to profile, cut off the dowel, made a single rod /screw in heel system
Schaller tuners, simple neck refinish
Plays well, nice bright tone from the 8.5" head with a good amont of downforce on the bridge.
Tuned CGDA