1920s Key Kord  Baritone Ukulele Guitar

Cleveland Ohio
Fix back cracks, simple refinish,setup to play DGBE
Change frictions to spring loaded Grover Deluxe Frictions
"Device" pulled, it's in VG cond.
Dry cracking, will pull together and cleat
Strong magnets for clamping spruce cleats
Moving on down
Leveling the center before strip-re-finish
Color re-applied
1 clear coat, the, rest after install
All braces in
Stripping body - neck
Dye is USMC black, then clear lacquer as factory.
Taking on a clear coat before back install
Ready to install back
Binding tape alone has enough pressure
Neck color added, now for some clear coats
All setup and playing VG.
Personal Music as Case Candy, one written on a rare document.
Orig. SSC in fair condition.

Plays well, all functions are functional
I will look for an original plastic cover  for the device.
Wish me luck :)
Thanks for Looking and Sharing,