Banjo for sale
1920s Vega Artist Tenor, with new parts

This banjo came to me with no resonator, flanges, armrest and with a nickel hook set, and a cracked heel. Heel break was clean, went back together VG. You can see it with scrutiny/maginifyers, but its certainly not obvious. I cleaned up the old hide a bit, but its still got patina. Nice solid vintage hide with years of service left. Cleaned the parts, added 4 piece nickel flange set, Style X 9 resonator with tortoid sidewall. I added Amber buttons to the Grover 2 tabs for a nice look, an original Vega armrest, in new nickel . Dressed the frets, added engraving wax to inlay detail , sealed and dressed frets/inlays and set it up CGDA. A nice "floor sweep" that has the vintage vibe and Vega voracity.