Work Page 2-2020
1930s  Regal Resonator Tenor Guitar

Make playable - No restoration at this time
Instrument has been in this shape many years
The cover plate is not original to the instrument and will not work with a Spider/Cone setup
(too short)
I will make only the necessary repairs to it to make it back into a player that will play VG
Someone in its past, removed the fingerboard, I assume it has a non adjustable rod in it because of the weight of the neck now.
It was not refretted, and the work was "OK" but I need to pull these frets, level the board, and then refret as it is a bit humpy from the re-install with no leveling,
But first, will set it up with just what it has now, and see where I need to go.
I put on some geared tuning machines that are smooth for the testing
I will take it back down, pull frets, level board, rebind, new marker dots, look for a cover plate or try it with a Biscuit bridge setup so that this cover plate will work.
We will see
Action is very good,  as is the tone,so I am encouraged to keep going on this low budget project
Thanks for following