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Gibson - Cheney
Re-finish back and sides
Clean top, re-glue bridge
Wait on orders- neck finish -poor

Thick Varnish, can match the brown of the neck
This is "Mission brown"
Will be able to get yellow off binding Im thinking

Under that jack was a messed up hole, wood broken, sealing all that up

All cleaned and sealed




My finger is crazed like the neck :)

The body picks the tint up reddish, not the binding
Its just that kind of Mahog
Here are some shots of it with that, and a coat of clear

Some light picks it up more brownish, others more reddish

Starting the binding tint

Showing the cracks easier when scuffed.
All I can do is feed in some  thinned dark Titebond in the seam now that the finish has the rest hidden.

Here is the look after matching the color, and adding a bit of new patina before going forth with final clear coats

After feeding a little more hide glue into the top of those cracks, I used the 1500 Tolecut for the blocking, and went back to clear

Also feeding some clear over the heel, to pin down the checked varnish, steel wool will satinize it.


Same method of fixing a hole in a boat side, that you cannot reach from the inside.
I will pull this celluloid up against the hole tight, and seal it off with amber #20, I think that will be the start of a decent matched plug.

Pushing it thru...

Pulled tight, will seal one edge and snip wire and push it out

Thats a a decent match for sure, now to cap it with wax paper with kicker on it to get a smooth top

Nice, now for some tint

Its like anything, cant see it from an angle...

Direct on, with flash, yes, but when sanded and buffed, that will blend  very well, I call it OK
Onward with clear.

Cracks are back, will go with #10 this time, and block again

Back cracks continue to pop loose with any temp inversion
Needs real repair (with cleats) in the future if they open up further.
 I am going on with clear and blocking the raised areas to try and smooth them up.


Top cleaned and waxed (not in bridge area)
F board cleaned and oiled
Back and sides 000 steel wool, then buffed/waxed
Patina matches well with the original finish areas.


OK, its in a chip case and ready to deliver
 Bridge and parts in case pocket