1920's Harmony
Roy Smeck
 'Vita' Plectrum Guitar Work page


Check this link for more Vita history

This is the first example I have seen in Plectrum configuration.

Guitar is very dry, with top and back cracks, loose braces, hole in the side, fingerboard cracking and loose.
Binding is gone, etc.
Neck set is tight, and neck plane is flat, workable.
Bridge is tight to the body
With make an access hole where breakage is to effect all inside repairs.
Then make   sound port.
Will go with solid finish on top to hide some defects.
A player's instrument is my goal here.


This board is barely stuck, I will repair it and re-use it


New binding
Pressing frets

Markers added ready to install
hole for 5th peg filled
Will dye before refinish

Scored for glue bond

Clamped off 8 hrs

Ready for top coat, bone color
The rest will get clear  with reddish tint.

Hole sized for sound port.
I decided to just enlarge the hole so I could go in and do brace and top repair without back removal.
I will form a port with hard chip board and a celluloid face plate heated to profile.


The finish is now "Adequate"
I made an effort to do a good job but not spectacular.
All attempts at keeping the price down, perfection is expensive and best left to more important pieces.
I want a good player first, and a decent looker second on old warhorse like this.

Setup 28-18 W-14-10 S GHS
Bone saddle
Rosewood pins, Faux Rosewood end pins
Action is good, plays very well up and down
Good intonation
Sound coming from speaker is blowing me away
Well, I maybe just be optimistic :)
The axe sounds good, nice and full, warm tone and will open back up over time.


Adding pick guard
I took a blank of black, and made my own style
Changed to bone colored pins

Also, I am changing the tuning from Plectrum to Re-entrant CGDA Tenor
I will use 30-22-26 wound , and a 15 steel for this tuning at this scale.

  It sounds very good in this tuning, I have worked the action some more, will see how it acts from here.
At least it can haul the mail again, and get some tunes played.
These are Labors of Love, nothing more, nothing less.
If not me, then who? is my statement.