U.S.A. made

21 fret

Rob Wright - Vinnie Mondello

Rob wanted a Plectrum Guitar that wasn't just a scaled down six string as many of the prewar instruments were.
So he told me what he wanted and we worked through it all to a happy ending
We designed these with plectrum players in mind and used materials to give it maximum tone.
They are well built and  will give great service.

Early phases of construction

Spruce top
Mahogany Back and sides
Mahogany Neck with Rosewood fingerboard
MOP Dot inlays
Side Markers
Rosewood bridge (compensated)
Bridges are compensated to give good tonality up the neck
Removable neck with 2 way adjustable truss rod
Special bracing for maximum tone and tuned bodies

Instruments will be natural finish with a maximum of 4 production coats of Nitrocellulose Lacquer to allow for maximum tone.

2 way truss shown here


Adding finish, 3 production coats for protection and to keep finish light to enhance tone

#s 3 and 5
Prepping necks for final finish

Making a simple stencil for the "W" logo

Caramel Gold color

Nice and simple

Ready for protective clear

Adding the serial number on top, like National

Internally penciled, like Gibson


Buffing the finish after 1200 grit wet sand

Ready for neck installation

Neck buffed and ready to level frets

Marker for indexing

Just a little off the tops and they are even, nice flat neck

All frets polished and board oiled

Side markers added

Scoring up under the fingerboard for good glue bonding

And the rosewood itself

Underside has a caul holding and all night clamping to pin the board to the body.
No glue is used in the neck joint
I used Hide glue for this process

Custom cutting a proper sized pick guard from a stock size

Nut and saddle done, # 3 is close to completion, Rob is smiling :)
Ready for nut and saddle and then tuners, when my reamer arrives

 Glue in the neck and make the saddle and await the bushing reamer for tuners

Neck attached

Stenciling for another pick guard now that the Black material is here

Rough pattern glued for sawing

Ready to sand the edges

This time I'll draw up a few more so that's done

Ready for Saddle on #5

3 and 5 ready for bridge pin reaming, another tool I'll have to buy, since banjos need no bridge pins! LOL
So let's do the Tuning Machines

Modern Grover "Butter bean" Machines
They are a reproduction of a vintage Tuning Machine


3 and 5 ready for setup

Scaling for the nut slots, I will mark them off and cut the rough-in

I try to go with the angle of the peghead
Now I will file them with the ptoper gauge files

SETUPS, # 3 and #5

I will do #3 with these gauges and # 5 with something a little different.
I will email Mike Amato at to get a few more sizes to try

Nice warm tone on #3 , I will let it settle in and work in the action, now some more for #5

Drilling out the pin holes before tapering

After tapering,  a smoothing on the lip

Then some polishing on the bridge

Ready to string up

A little heavier gauges and Bronze wounds instead of nickel, since we are in the testing phase.
I use Bedford Banjo shop for all my String needs

Nice bone saddle, # 5 Guitar has a good Bass and plenty of treble in these gauges

Tri- color Sunburst - Body
Tinted Sides and neck

 Removing the sealer so I can stain the top in a Vintage Golden Maple with an edge fade

When this cures I will go for the second color
I will clear off the tint from the bindings on each coat

After the  staining,  first edge tint and sealer


Second shade applied, a mixture of three transtints and then a shot of clear coat..., now to let that cure

I will scrape the tint once again from the binding and start with some clear coats

Peghead bushing reamer arrived . I am gauging the depth with some marker tape

Side markers installed

The neck is a deep Blood Orange Purple, and the logo is on, now for some clear coats

Scraping the tint from fingerboard side, I prefer the contrasting look

 3 more coats of  clear to go


Fretwork complete and ready to buff

Just mocking it up for a look

The colors are nice

Showing the diff between the Standard Mahogany vs the Blood Orange


Bridge pins fitted, I will wetsand once more then buff

Neck buffed and Tuners/Nut fitted/Body buffed
Saddle made so lets get the neck on

I'll let that cure overnight and then continue the setup

Pickguard installed, Dark Tortoid, final buff and waxed, nut slots cut

This one has -030 Bronze, 018 Nickel Wound,014 steel and 011 steel
Another nice vibrant guitar with great bass projection

I will let this settle in, and if it does not sell before Eureka it will go with me to the show.

No need to waste the leftover colors, that stuff costs money! 

Now there is only the #4 to complete, I have another color scheme in mind.

   #4 finished out much later, here it is



Serial Number 1