1990's Deering Crossfire
Electric Tenor banjo 
Fresh fret dressing/setup CGDA
Bacon bridge
Plays like butter all up and down the neck.
Elec's work VG, PU was replaced at some time, old one comes with it.
Deering Catalog and Price list
, pickup cable
The banjo comes with the original case in VG cond.
Tyler Jackson

This is a very rare Deering electric tenor banjo. Although 5 string versions are readily available, only a few examples of the Crossfire in a tenor banjo configuration are out there one of which was made for Mr. Wayne Newton!
 The condition of this banjo is excellent. Some mild buckle rash is present on the back of the instrument, but other than that the finish looks almost new. The neck is straight and plays with a low action and no fret buzz.

From the Deering website: The Deering Crossfire has two powerful magnetic pickups under the head, one in the neck position and the other by the bridge. A metal strip is attached to the under side of the head above the bridge pick-up so that the pick-up draws sound from both the strings and the head. Active electronics assure you of a wide frequency response. By retaining a full and functional banjo head, this new instrument gets more banjo sound than a solid body electric banjo. A brass tone-ring is under the head. The hooks for tightening the head pass through the alder body and are adjusted from the back in recessed holes. Standard color is black but other colors can be custom ordered. The neck is blond maple with a hard, dense, colorful, exotic, and naturally beautiful ebony fingerboard and diamond shaped mother-of-pearl inlays.

Guitar-style tuners provide accuracy in tuning and allow the Crossfire to fit in an electric guitar case. Knobs adjust tone and volume and a switch selects between the neck or bridge pick-up, or flipping the switch to the middle position plays them both. Imagine adjusting the bass or treble on your banjo at the turn of a knob or just flipping a switch to get a different sound!

Guitar amps have a limited range of sounds and do not always pick up the banjo highs.One unique advantage in owning a Crossfire is the ability to practice almost silently. By using a pair of amplified headphones which plug directly into the instrument you alone can hear yourself play. It is perfect for when children are sleeping or you are in close quarters.

The Crossfire is fully equipped to participate as an equal in all musical styles without the volume limitations. Just as an electric guitar sounds different from an acoustic, the Crossfire sounds similar but not exactly the same as an acoustic banjo. It allows banjo players to transcend the limits of an acoustic banjo.