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Vegaphone Professional

Convert from 19 fret to 17 fret
(Will use Tubaphone Style M neck)
Replace head
Clean hardware
Setup to play
 Pic sequence shortened to save time.
No pics of original Vegaphone 19 fret.

Customer is used to 17 fret Vega,, and asked for conversion.
Shown-  the Tubaphone M,  with the donor neck

The original  Vegaphone 19 fret neck had  a cracked heel, repaired to be stable, with glue and 2 lag screws under heel cap not cosmetic.
I heated it, broke it all back apart to save the original dowel.
The  slightly older Vega Style M 17 fret neck will need some dressing up before install.
I  pulled the  original dowel on both instruments and put the Vegaphone dowel in the 17 fret neck
This way both rim assemblies get to keep their dowels.

Both dowels are showing the "makers marks" in pencil, at the tip of the tenon.
The M neck has a piece of center laminate missing on peg head that I will replace, and the center laminate in the center of neck needs sealing as well.
I can do this without refinish.
Then I will dress the frets, tuner holes are already enlarged.
In the re-glue, you see me filling the hole and using the tenon like a plunger to force fish glue into the voids before clamping/curing
The head is pulled to maximum and beyond, so when I replace it, I will clean the hardware and add in hardware on  pieces that are incorrect.
Remo top frosted, 10-15/16 high crown correct head. I show the old head next to another used high crown showing its maxed pull.
Now that neck is cured, I will go forth on the peg head laminate, seal the center and dress the frets.
After that was completed, I shot 3 coats of fresh clear to preserve the original finish and added side markers. 
I re-purposed the peg head/fingerboard inlay from the donor Vegaphone neck, to use in the conversion of the style M rim. Nothing wasted here.
Then continued on with assembly, setup GDAE to the string gauge requested.
Good neck angle, good tone projection, easy to play.
I will let it all settle in, do final adjustments and ship it.
Thanks for watching and sharing,