Work Page
1920s Epiphone Deluxe Plectrum

Neck has slight forward pull, determine cause
Replace original bar wire frets with modern fret wire
Seal celluloid where shrinkage has occurred.
Add detail back to fingerboard markers
Setup per customers instructions
Sidewall original, but repainted, new section added on bottom
Birdseye Maple back in place of Celluloid, 2 piece
Satin inside looks like a 70s factory Gibson
Possibly sent in to Gibson for this work?
Checking the forward pull
Nothing will be done to rim assembly
Original bar wire, ready to pull
No tang barbs, just setting in the slots, loose, normal.
Next to a modern crowned wire with barbs
Leveling slots, high spots in the celluloid
The black is celluloid as well, will clean, polish
Slots cleaned, ready for wire
Modern truss rod very tight will try to get a little more from it
Frets in, sealed, trimmed, detail painting ready for clear
Frets dressed, ready to re-install neck
Frets complete, fingerboard buffed, waxed
Peghead cleaned/waxed
MOP buttons buffed to high shine
Scum buffed from resonator, waxed
Neatest home-made spanner wrench yet!
Case candy RULES!
Final pics
Neck plays well, correct relief
Thanks for Watching and Sharing.