Banjo for Sale
The Bacon Banjo Co. Groton CT

Silver Bell No.1
Roy Smeck Stage Model
Circa 1920's
All original except 2 thumbscrews/ strings.
Clean /buff Hardware
Refinish all wood parts-Nitro Lacquer
Fabricate missing fret block overlay (Gold Sparkle)

Setup CGDA

Good example of this model.
Production numbers are much lower than the standard No1 Silver Bell
The wood was marketed as Rosewood if memory serves,  but it is really only a distant cousin.
This is Vermillion, or Paduak, a very hard wood and just as good if not better than Rosewood as far as tone production goes.
This neck is also one with a solid bar truss installed, non adjuastable.

Head will not be re-used (on this banjo)
Waverly tuners, as far as i know, unique to BD, I have not seen this style on other banjos.
Knee mute function VG
It is a played instrument and shows all the signs, brassing on some of the metal, oxidized hooks, but a good cleaning will brighten most of it.
Flange is VG, all lugs soldered on, 2 replacement thumbscrews, I may have some originals
The missing fret block will have to be created, I had an old celluloid sparkle pick guard, but it is too dark to use. I can come close to the original look if I am lucky.

Got in the Kelly Green, a whole bottle to do a few tiny places.
So fingerboard is nice and dressed up, ready to final the clear coats.

I got in the Goldaleur from Ebay seller (Thanks for the tip NG)
Its the right sized flake, but a tad darker, so what
As good as it is gonna get, way better than trying to fabricate something modern!
Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
Its set onto Ivoroid, too bad its perfed with hair from a Boar's ass.
It would make nice trinkets
So I sacrificed the brush, shaved it , split off the sparkle (most of it) and cut to fit, glued it in, fret installed, ready to polish up.

6-18 Update
After I finished the detail work and assembled it, I was not satisfied with the performance of the original fret wire. It had places that it fretted out so instead of working them down, I went with new 147 Stew Mac wire amd it plays well now on the new Remo bottom frosted head with orig. BD bridge.
I did have an original armrest from another Silver Bell so now it has one, worn plating but correct hook spacing and nuts.
I am into the final tweaking stage, and  will get the final pics here up and listed on my sale page so it can find a new home.
Thanks for watching, sharing, inquiring

Will add inside pics-case pics later