Custom Instrument
Tenor Guitar

This will be an Acoustic/Electric instrument  for Bob Barta

All Maple Archtop body, Parlor size
Spruce top
Oval sound hole
      Flat Back, 2 piece flamed maple
Body created by Carlo Greco-Master Luthier
View his history here:

"Mr.Greco, I will do my best to make it sing Sir" RIP... VM

The body is in a 90 percent stage of completion
It needs final sanding, bindings added and drilled for "bolt on" neck.
It will also have a pickup installed

The binding channels were roughed in for like .120" binding, which is not avl. at this time from my sources.
Ordering in special bindings involves a set up charge as well as a large order to offset the hazmat fees of nitro bindings
I will go with an .90" plastic white binding on the back, and on the front where he designed for a step binding I will to an .90" black as a backer and then the .90" white.
When I do the sunburst top, only the .90" WHITE will show as it will on the back.

The sequences show the binding process and the beginning of the sun-bursted back

This is a semi high contrast burst and hides some of the minor imperfections in my work and Carlo's
As he says and I say... "Its hand built"

The neck I am attempting to use is from my friend Mike Soares.
It was meant for a body with a neck pocket.
So I will modify it in many ways, to suit us on this project.
I will remove someof the underside of the  heel and make it an elevated /extended fingerboard.
The extension is nessesary because this is a 22" scale neck and  to make it work out in bridge position, it will  be a long extension.
But it will work with a cutaway, and look super cool.
We will also be using a tenor version of a "Frequensator" tailpiece, an Epiphone design. The 6 string one shown is the template.
Originals are hard to come by in 4 string ,so we will make one using a tenor base off a trapeze style.

I will also change the profile of the neck to a "C" shape.
The celluloid block inlays will be changed to  MOP or Abalone.
There will also be some binding changes made on it.
First, I will bandsaw out the rough cut and get right up under the truss rod pocket.

11-14 update
New top binding arrived, and I began my way around the body.
Clear is on just for sealer, I will knock that down when I am ready to finish the top.

11-22 update
Moving on around the top with the binding, now for a little more contour sanding on the bass side and I can go forth with blocking it to 400 grit, adding clear to seal the wood as I go

11-28 update
Binding completed and body all sealed with clear after temp color coat was removed.
I got in the tailpiece and bridge fabricated for us by Mike Soares.
A fine reproduction of the  frequensator, in 4 string.
I will send it off to Steve Caddick for the gold plating.
Abd the bridge is setup with adjustable string guides and thumbwheels for the base height.
That ought to serve well, in the electric side of things.
Base fits the body VG
Thanks Mike!
Now onward with  the neck work.
I stripped the poly finish off, back to blond.
Made a covering for the exposed truss after the neck reduction.
Then I began to re-shape the neck profile to a "C" shape.
I use my Sure-form for the brunt of it and then I will use my drum sanders to bring it on in.
My pin guage shows me whereI am with it.