Work Page 7-20
  B&D Seranader

5 string
Circa 1930s
Restore as needed to play
Refinish neck, resonator
Instrument has seen many good years of usage and is in generally good condition
Binding on the neck is gassed out and will be replaced
Neck finish has been removed except around peg head.
Some inlays are missing, a couple are in the case, and all are loose in the fingerboard. I will pull them all for the board leveling, replace what is usable, and make the rest.
Minor De-lamination around the center laminates in the neck
This model has a solid steel truss in it
Slight relief in fingerboard will be heated and pressed before sealing center laminate
Frets will be replaced, and fret slots rebuilt.
Hardware is mainly chrome on this model and in VG condition.
The silver finish in the rim an resonator back is thinned, and will be re-coated.
Planet tuners and 5th peg in GC, all with their Catalin buttons.
Armrest is original and hooks still soldered in place
Pat. Pending Oettinger tailpiece with everything correct except the tailpiece hanger bolt's nut.

* Neck angle is good, but someone re-set the dowel, and put it in upside down, so that will be pulled and reversed. This is also why neck yoke was at full tilt, dowel pin hole too high.

* Tone ring was installed with notch in wrong spot causing difficulty removing the neck, that will be a non issue on re-assembly, with it back in the right spot.

This model has a pronounced thumbstop at the volute, and it is a separate section, and made of Rosewood. It is hidden under the dark factory finish but it can be seen clearly, with finish off.
Any of this era we have seen with the thumb stop, is grafted in this same manner.
The frets  slots will be taped off during to impede chipping. This board is very dry.
After cleaning the hardware, I will assemble the rim then 

* 3 of the 4 paper washers were missing from the Planet's, I had 3 to add in.

Peg head overlay was loose in places, and was glued/clamped
Heel cap was cracked, I repaired it and added new detail paint, Color Magic/Topaz
I shot the new resonator finish with the same tint  shade as original, with the same style fade to  a lighter center.
Next I will be getting into the fingerboard work, rebuilding fret slots so that they get good compression, then inlay.

After heat pressing the neck, I kept it under tension while injecting #10 CA into the affected center laminates, and let it cure.
Leveled the fingerboard, leaving only a few divots., deepened the inlay cavities, inserted the good ones, re-built the affected ones, and prepped slots for fretting.
Bound in ivoroid, 3/32 side dots on this model
Shot the tint coats on the neck, and am going forth with clear, while I do the fretting.

Fretted with Stew Mac 147 wire, with compression.
Still adding finish to the neck, resonator back bufffed/waxed and flange

I am using a quality goat hide, I set it for medium crown.
This is a very good hide, and pulled down excellent.
Since it will be on Classical strings , this should make for even a better old time sound.
Next I will re-set the dowel as I continue the neck finish

Woodwork buffed and waxed
Dowel reset- good neck angle, hardware works correctly now.
Frets dressed board oiled.

7-27 - SETUP
I am using La Bella Classicals, and a Grover inserted bridge.
It will take a while for the silk/nylons to settle in.
The head is rock hard and ready.


Thanks for looking, sharing and inquiring