Work Page 5-2020
Vega Whyte Laydie Plectrum

22 fret-30 bracket rim
11-13/16 rim diameter
Full flanged resonator
Mahogany Neck, carved
Banjo is here to get a refresh.
Frets are good, but need dressing.

Note: Oettinger tailpiece had loosened over time, and the rise removed some down force,

I removed the neck, checked the relief which is VG
Frets had wear on the 2 treble side strings all the way to the 19 fret block.
I leveled/crowned/polished the existing wire, oiled the board/buffed.
Cleaned the head, checked adjustment/ checked tuner tightness/all flanges/screws.
Checked Bridge/Nut, setting on new strings at the same gauges 30-18-12-11

(Waiting on string order, so that is where I am at  in the process)