Work Page 3-19
TD's Custom Vox Plectrum Banjo 

Builder - Wayne Phillips

Repair as need to make playable
Refinish as needed
Setup on modern head

Initial Pics
Initial pics
Initial pics
Initial pics
Initial pics
Initial pics
Pulling star to re-fit properly
Star fitted-Sealed all loose laminates
New dark finish, final drop fills
Star detailed painted with acrylics
Final clear coat-curing
New frets completed
Neck stripped-ready for dye-finish
A few more clear coats to go
Re-applied the white coat. ready for top dye and pinstripe black underside
Felt pulled
Pinstripe Tape arrived
Stripe on-adding finish over it
Now to the finish line!
New Gotoh tuners with black buttons, from Smakula Banjos.
Setup CGDA on GHS strings
Now to let it settle in for final adjustments.
Another good challenge that will make someone a very good player.
Thanks for watching.