Workpage 2020
Chris D's Orpheum 1 Project

12-1/8" Rim
Fabricate missing arch ring (Bob Smakula Banjos)
Order custom sized Remo Fiberskyn head (Bob Smakula Banjos)
Furnish hook sets (From my old stock)
Fresh rim finish -Nitrocellulose
Install Guitar Banjo neck (Gold Tone)
Will seal bottom trim and dye
Dowel removal
Nitrocellulose finish
Brass ring from Smakula
13-1/8" Fibersykn
Hooksets installed to tension
Ready for neck
Next to 13-1/8" Orpheum Brass Band
Neck Work
Will be adapting an import guitar neck, made for a solid body.
That means building up a heel.

So I took a piece of maple and got with it, this is the sequence.
I drew the contours for the rough out in pencil, cut out the bulk and shaped it with my rasps and contour sanders.
The  heel shape, and finish shot on the heel is temp, so I can sand and get what contours I want, low spots, high spots , make it nice, and then do the real finish.
The darker fade hides the joinery a bit.
 I'll get with Chris and see if he wants anything special, he may want metallic :)
Shot the fade on peg head as well,, spicing p the look.
Now I have to figure the cut out for the tension hoop spacing, recess it under the fingerboard.