Workpage 2020
Chris D's Orpheum 1 Project

12-1/8" Rim
Fabricate missing arch ring (Bob Smakula Banjos)
Order custom sized Remo Fiberskyn head (Bob Smakula Banjos)
Furnish hook sets (From my old stock)
Fresh rim finish -Nitrocellulose
Install Guitar Neck
Import-Strat Style (Will need to create heel)
Tenor neck beyond repair, with a twist and a curve, warp and a bow.
I'll re-use the dowel
Will go thru and clean up the hardware, add what is needed to make it complete and 6 string
Sealed rim lower trim and dyed
Added Nitro lacquer
Added the fabricated arch ring (Thanks Bob)
Had to re-order  a special order head, the fiberskyn was the final choice.
Renaissance was 1 size off, and no other available.
Neck Work
Will be adapting an import guitar neck, made for a solid body.
That means building up a heel.

So I took a piece of maple and got with it, this is the sequence.
I drew the contours for the rough out in pencil, cut out the bulk and shaped it with my rasps and contour sanders.
The  heel shape, and finish shot on the heel is temp, so I can sand and get what contours I want, low spots, high spots , make it nice, and then do the real finish.
The darker fade hides the joinery a bit.
 I'll get with Chris and see if he wants anything special, he may want metallic :)
Shot the fade on peg head as well,, spicing p the look.
Now I have to figure the cut out for the tension hoop spacing, recess it under the fingerboard.

After shaping the heel face to match the Orpheum rim skirt...
I fit the dowel and worked the rim hole to allow the fingerboard to lift and extend properly.
Wood was added underneath to shim it stable.
Created 2 new wedges for the neck yoke.
Countersunk wood screw thru the heel, dowel and into the neck, then glued at proper angle.
This is not an all out effort to make a perfect looking instrument, this is to be a functional player, for a player, with some good looks. Nothing was "planned out" this is "design as I go" working with what is in front of me.
Tuners are banjo style, and would need smaller buttons to work out.
I have no guitar tuners here but wanted to continue in the setup.
Ill get some side post Grover Rotamatics.
With the length of this peghead, I spun the B and E the other direction and for that to change, string posts would need to be added to bend them inwards.
Tailpiece is Gold Tone guitar banjo.
L bracket I made is crude and I will do something else there in the final setup.
1 setup is where I get all of the nuances figured out and the 2nd is the "out the door", after things settle back in.
Its stung on 52-11 Martin Acoustics, what I happened to have in the box.
I made a radius nut and bridge.
Action is good, bridge placement is good for a fat tone on this big rim

String angle ove rthe bridge is good, plenty of down force with elevated/angled neck set.
I had a Celtic Cross truss cover and fitted that to give the peg head some MOP.
And a 60s wooden top armrest, for comfort.

7-9-20 UPDATE
Gotoh Tuners arrived, so I finalized the setup, found a tailpiece lag bolt that would work, and got it strung back up, added a string post for the B/E strings.... and delivered to Chris 7-12
Now it can get some playtime, and I can get some feedback.
An interesting project, and a way to build a budget 6 string with a cool looking neck!
Thanks for looking, sharing,inquiring