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1920s Epiphone Bandmaster

19 fret tenor
Renovate as per customer instructions
Well, once again my web editor is on the fritz,
They say it is a "bug" on their end
So here is whats gone on, in the first gallery shots

I will add text to the pics when they get their "act" together.
Unpacked - Disassembled, Inspected
Major Celluloid gassing, incorrect binding . cupped fingerboard (celluloid)

fingerboard leveled ,frets, binding, plating, refinish, repro logo.
Stewmac 147 will be the fret wire, ivoroid binding with vertical lines for the binding, Nitrocellulose lacquer finish.
Plating will go to Steve Caddick
Fretting went OK, after dealing with leveling a celluloid board and binding it.
The celluloid peghead reverse, and the heel cap were dealt with by using stains and a dauber, to faux paint over the gassing and then a sealer coat, and then clear coats going over it

Pics are not showing yet, of the final look on that which is much nicer than the prep pics

On the finish I had an issue around the heel, from silicone intrusion.
You can see the "fisheyes" that occured, and the process of overcoating them, which I did, and am progressing on with clear coats.
By the dust on the can, and it being from 1980s, and still 7/8 full, shows the tiny amounts I have had to use of it.
Resonator was sealed on the edges where celluloid had let go, using fish glue and violin clamps, they did a good job in this instance. Sidewall/Inside was stripped and new clear coats going on now Back Celluloid will be sealed as best I can in the gassed areas, then polished, no finish
Sequence 2
Sequence 3
After it settles in a few days, I will get it home to make music again.
Thanks for looking and sharing,