Banjo Mandolin for sale
1920's Fairbanks-Vega Soloist

Marriage between a Fairbanks Electric Pot, and a Vega Soloist Banjolin neck
Serial number on the rim for some reason, matches the neck #
Either someone re-branded the older Fairbanks rim, or maybe it was rebuilt at Vega, I have no idea.
They did make many "floor sweep" instruments for musicians , from leftover parts in the bins
10-3/4 Rim assembly, with "Electric" tone ring
Matching hardware
bottom frosted REMO head
Close fit resonator
Cloud style tailpiece
Vega Soloist neck, flamed maple
13" scale
Inlay in exquisite condition, looks very "unplayed".
Gold plated tuning machine cover, engraved
Simple over spray of clear to protect original patina
Fresh setup