Work Page 2020

Gibson "Dove"

Repair major damage from neck break./top break
( Previously repair was attempted  in it's past )

The old repair was an attempt at  just making it play, but the bracing and neck block are damaged.
The  fingerboard extension had been sawed thru and the neck was pulled poorly, breaking the heel in 2 places.
I looked inside with an endoscope and saw what all I was up against before beginning, and the owner has a wish to make it play well and at least look "passable" again, so that is where we will go with it.
Fretting sequence continued
Web editor acting up, so here is the wordage for this sequence
Radius checked-14-16" range
Compression fretted, Extension fretted,Board oiled,ready to level/crown/polish.
More dry fitting,
Upper brace installation with Stew Mac Bridge jacks
Jack base to span  bottom brace made of gum wood
Cured 12 hours

Final assembly - finish out-setup
Sound clip 
It is back to being a nice player, with a look that does not scream "I'm restored"
A certain amount of patina is visible all over, with no refinish of the back and sides or the neck.
Thanks to Carson Alexander, for laying down the sound clip