Banjo For Sale
1930s Gibson TB-00

Player's Instrument - Not a collectible

Some original-some non-original parts
1930s TB 00. 11" Rim ,Maple,Thin Skirt
(Wooden head bearing edge only)

Can be cut for flat head ,arch top ring
Original Tenor Neck, no refinish
Original Truss cover
Non-original Flange
Original Resonator mounting brackets, mounting screws,thumbscrews
Rim cut to fit modern one piece flange dimensions
Finish touched-up in that area
Single Co-Rod/Nut/Washers/L Bracket, non original
Original  Domed Single bound Resonator with minor refinish outside, orig inside.
Replacement modern grooved  tension hoop,brass to replace the thin Original no groove hoop
Non original flat hooks and nuts
Nice flat neck, good frets
Good neck angle, 5/8"  Grover bridge
Grover 2:1 geared tuners ,nickel, worn plating, Chrome bushings
Modern down force "window" style tailpiece
Modern Gibson style one piece armrest
Remo head
Setup CGDA, plays well up and down.
A lighter weight banjo that still has VG volume and projection
1970s HSC with one latch missing