Work Page 5-19
Gibson U-Harp

This is an example, in excellent condition
Pristine Example!!!
 Gibson Style 'U' Harp Guitar
  10 sub bass strings.
Top was previously sectioned out and repaired with bracing/Yellow  glue
Repair is solid, but not pretty in the inside
Some new cracks have appeared in the top, I will Splint/Cleat them

OHSC in good condition
Gibson, 1908-1920s
 10 bass
A#-1  B-1  C C# D D# F F# G G#

 E A D G B E 

When top was sectioned, extension was cut away
Heavy oxidation, and celluloid Bridge pin holders are long gone
I will be creating something in this fashion
You can see the yellow assembly glue squeeze here
Light cracks are new ones
The 2 with stain around them are the old repairs
Pointing at sectioning areas
I will address all of these maladies
FON# on neck block
Prepping for splice wood
Splices in, leveling up
Will insert a fret and dress, clean board and oil
Prepping for top finish, will go to the dark Maroon to hide repairs
This will be the new top look
Frets drssed, board oiled, taking on finish
Starting the cleaning process on the tailpiece.
one more coat for the top and then on to the sides
Last block sanding
Back and sides over coat complete
Sealing heel break, I will add 2 dowel pins thru the crack from the top
Creating a tailpiece section from 2 pieces of acyrlic
Channels routed, bails sealed into top half
Now for the bottom section
Ready to rout
After clamping, shaping, sanding, next will be tortoise covering
Faux Tortoise Finish applied, starting the bridge pin tapers
I will bring them on down a bit, then trim the excess
Thin veneer cracked, sealing with #10 CA, then dye/finish
Just a very light finish, to match the older look
Hardware cleaned and oiled, only a couple of paper washers to repair/re-use
New bone nut, buffed and waxed
Cutting celluloid to make Pick guard blocks
Acetone melt/press, sand/polish
Drilled and screwed, ready for arm
Using 3/16 Bamboo.Strong and light
Tinted Lacquer applied
I have black /white laminate in stock .
After contouring, Adding the brackets
This will suffice, and I can always do one in Tortoid if requested
Prep for bridge base contour to top
Starting to mark the high spots
Getting there
I will make a permanent bridge after setup
Ready to string up.
Determining spacing will be next
Having to load from underside, ball is too big for hole
It is fairly close after 12 hrs, not for the faint of heart!!.
Finishing bridge, added bone to 6 string side
Removed some wood from the bottom on 6 string side
Old handle shot, making another vintage one work.
Sealed and dyed
Mounted to the case
Inside blown out and wiped clean