Work Page 4-19

Jeremy's Vega Style M Conversion
11-13/16 Rim assembly from Tenor
Eastman Conversion neck
Add inlay-frets-finish
Setup to play

Rim /Dowel from Open back Style M
Flanges polished and added
Resonator hardware added
Eastman neck, must pull frets to inlay
Dowel will be replaced with orig.Vega
Dowel out, orig. dowel fitted
Checking hardware fit before glue
Neck angle OK
Elevation OK
Picking out MOP and 3/32 Side Marker Material
Markers in
Marking for inlay, standard Tubaphone
Completed, fingerboard oiled, frets dressed
Fitting the hardware, setting the pip
Now I will strip it down and prep for tint
The Eastman necks have a thick peghead at the lower pegs
Resonator, ready to strip
Inside stripped
Small repair to the top lip
Edge repaired and dyed, first clear coat
1st and 2nd tint coat, vintage maple
Donor neck-Peghead overlay
This will be installed in one piece.
Trimmed down
Cavity cut, ready to seal
Leveled - dye for the Pear wood
First tint -vintage maple-50s Vega style pattern
2nd coat maple, next-honey amber
Tint complete-1st clear coat
Neck complete, renaissance head,ready for setup
Will use an un-plated Tension Lock until the other is completed
Ready to string
Bridge position optimal for full warm tone.
Tension lock gives excellent downforce
5/8 bridge, good action, settling in.

Instrument is settling in nicely
Has a rich full tone and notes well up and down the neck.
Now to get it into it's new case, and off to Jeremy for a test drive.
Thanks for looking, and thanks for all of your support over the years.