Work Page 8-19
John Gill's Partamount F Tenor Banjo Neck

Re-fret/Refinish/New Nut/Add Planet Tuners
Taped off, original frets pulled
Stewmac 147 wire, Oiling the board
Ready for level/crown/polish
Page tuner screw holes filled
Enlarging to 9/32" to add Planets
Minimal loss of MOP
Nice having two spares.
Frets dressed hardware on, ready for nut
Peg head is so thick,no paper washers on C-A
Oiling board, ready to slot the nut
Finding the spacing
Ready to slot-then adj. can be made from the bottom
Blocking the play area with Kovax Tolecut, to 3000 grit
After blocking, it was buffed and shipped off to NOLA for a test run,
I always sweat a little, when I do not have a banjo to do a setup on to catch any final tweaks but fingers are crossed.
Thanks for watching