Work Page 4-2020
1920s Lange Paramount C

Convert from 22 fret plectrum to 19 fret tenor
Neck- NOS Lange 19 fret extended,Walnut, no engraving

Rim Assembly-Paramount C- Mahogany resonator

"New Old Stock".
This neck has never been on a banjo, it is a factory original
I have another Lange NOS neck as well, with no tuner holes drilled in it

So it is 90 + years in waiting, for this neck to do its duty !
If it turns out well, I may have Caddick engrave something!
Scaled around 23"
It will look like this
Will have to add this much to heel
Working the heel,to figure the length needed
Walnut block added, adding on to heel
Profiling before final section
ready for bottom section
New tinted finish. Fitting the Page tuners
New heel completed
Ready to cut heel profile
Pull cut saw, all hand work
Fitting a used walnut dowel
Figuring the neck angle
Prepping for glue
Adjusting the neck notch for new heel
Getting close on the fit now
Neck angle /elevation where I want it
Dowel re-set, 24 hr cure time
Well, you know what they say about "Best Laid Plans"....
If you do not, they "Go Asunder" every now and  then.
To make a long story shot, the banjo did not scale out exactly as I had hoped.
Even with all the measurements this neck , after all the cuts, pushed the bridge too close to tailpiece.
Tone was strident, and hideous.
So I will not show be cutting all that work back out.
New pic sequence starts here, with heel built out to fill extension, and heel cut to the Para shape again.
Neck was shortened by 1 fret  ( Now 18) to make the scale work out.
Heel is Rosewood, and Mahogany/Maple/Mahogany
Fingerboard elevation over the head is  optimal, giving a full rich tone now in all pick attacks up by the neck and power at the bridge.
I chose not to go with a dowel stick, but instead used an Epiphone design, with 2 retention points and a brass retainer.
Joint is tight and neck angle is VG with 5/8 bridge
The original thin frets work OK, but I  would suggest someone went with modern frets for the comfort.
Setup GDAE
Thanks for looking, sharing, inquiring
I will have this on my for sale page soon