Work Page 4-23
Rob Wright's
Mondello "Super 6"

Built in 2012
22 fret plectrum
11" tube and plate rim, designed for 3" deep JLS resonator.

Marquetry is comparable to Gibson Style 6 "checkerboard"
3/4 Maple Rim
JLS 12 20 hole flathead ring
JLS plectrum neck, maple, Style 6 Gibson repro
Goodrich "Tension Lock" tailpiece
Metal work by Ron Raymer

I built this instrument from parts in my shop and from the  Jim Stull estate, and did the frets/finish/setup

Banjo lives in AZ, and the climate has caused the neck to pull itself into a back bow.
Even with truss all of the way loosened.
I will heat the neck slowly so as not to damage the checkboard binding and finish.
Then dress frets, oil fingerboad and setup on a new head.
Initial Pics
Backboat starts at the 10-11 fret
Tension hoop bears onto flange plate/head
Back to tension, plenty of relief now.
Initial Pics
Nut is backed off, time for heating
No better ring than JLS 12, no matter the cost
Will let it settle in and adjust it all again.
Initial Pics
After heating and pressing, neck is back as it once was.
New REMO bottom frosted white
Initial Pics
Frets sealed and dressed, fingerboard oiled
I have done this design several times, and like it.