Work Page 8-19
Sam's Stromberg Marimba Tenor Banjo

Repair/Refinish as per customer instructions
Nice Example-Skin head
Replace Non-orig.inlay with a proper replacement
Moisture has fogged the finish
Waverly reverse gear tuners
Repalce thin wire with 147 Stewmac
Ready to pull frets
Will widen slots for new wire, inside the binding
In the binding pile, search for scraps.
Never throw anything away.
I can use some of this, and some of the new stuff I have
Some of the white, from this scrap
Super long screws, rusted, 3 snapped...bummer
Coming off with the finish, no sanding to leave patina
Same Father, different mothers. Paramount F neck, both parts made by Lange.
Resonator taking on clear Nitro
Going in with the 147
Ready to pull 17 fret inlay
After deliberation, I chose a blank name block
Frets dressed and fingerboard oiled
Remnding myself to ask Sam if he wants side dots
One stone missing from its holder, I have some originals
Glued in, ready to smooth/re-finish
Ready for tuners
Gears in VGC, will lightly lube them
Final board oiling, fine wool
Ready to string, 30-24-14-11,GHS
Bridge selected is a better fit, with slimmer spacing.
Doing the extractions, 2 to go.
Rebuilding the affected area
Black dye on top, 1 clear coat to cover