Our Services

Stringed instrument repair, Specializing in Banjo

Banjo Setup -General*
  • Setup with new head, strings, bridge,adjust
  • Fret work-general
    $150.00 and up
  • Restorations-General
    $700.00 and up
  • There are many other operations that we do here. If you have a need, write us for  an estimate!
  • We are also happy to speak with anyone needing tech support on instruments that they may have questions about.

  • There is no set price for labor and parts until the instrument is assessed .The price listed represents an average restoration without plating or major mechanical issues. Each one is based on a "Case by Case" basis, pun intended!

  • *Based on instruments that have no other issues, this is the average pricing and can vary from instrument to instrument if there are other issues.