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S.Sgroi/Mancuso Mandocello

Early 1900s- Neapolitan style
S. Sgroi Mancuso, Catania.
S. Sgroi appear to have been in partnership with a certain Mancuso first, then we can see him labeing his mandolins just S. Sgroi (or visa versa) and finally teaming up with Silvestri making Sgroi-Silvestri instruments.

23" scale
Cello tuning
Install truss
Install Elevated fingerboard with inlay and binding
I traded a high end Regal Octofone for this a few years back.
Just finding the time to work on my own things, hard.

Neat Mandocello, had a great sound, good condition...super rare,but a neck relief that rendered it hard to play.
I wanted a higher bridge and an elevation on the fingerboard.
In most cases working a Neapolitan (Bowl Back) build, you are in deep dark waters.
And this behemoth is no different.
So with a neck removal "not an option", it was plain to see where to go.
Remove old inlay, level old fingerboard,cut into it, down into the neck, install a solid rod,1/4" bar stock.
  I have taken my time, made a fingerboard from a  rosewood blank, slotted it to scale, split diamond inlays.
Bound in ivoroid, side markers.
Used old inlay in the head stock overlay.
Tinted in where I removed finish to profile the new board
Installed pre-fretted, ends dressed.
Fish glue in the old fret slots and truss pocket.
Scored the boards, and clamped off 24 hrs.
Shot new finish on the neck, nitro.
Will 0000 fine wool the finish to stain, and hand polish
Installed Banjo style tuners.
Shown next to Gibson TB5 trap door, for size perspective

After finalizing out the fingerboard work (Frets dressed,etc), I made a new Corian nut, and rebuilt the bridge , adding height to it.
I used fine steel wool on the neck and hand polished it to give a slightly satin finish.
The neck plane is VG now, action VG, and the elevated board gives a much better bridge height, and consequent down force on the sound board.
Tone is big, and pure, and noting out much easier than before.
I'd say this one is a "success story" and can now be considered as an instrument that could be used in a session. 
I like looking at it next to my Weymann "Highest Grade" Mandolin.
The Mommy Potato bug, and the baby "tater bug".
Thanks for looking, sharing,inquiring