Work Page 1-2020
Tom's Orpheum Brass Band Tenor Banjo

13-1/8" rim
15 frets to the extension
20" scale

Restore per customers requests.

This was the top of the line, of Orpheum Banjos in the 1920s
A massive machine, that can be modernized to be a fine contender, as a professional player could ask for.
Here is a link to one I restored for Eddy Davis, the "Manhattan Minstrel"

Dis-assembly-Repair Pics
This rim is 13-1/8"
I have a 13, and a special order 13-3/8, spare for Eddy Davis' Brass Band.
The main supplier of odd sized heads does not stock what REMO calls "1302" (13-2/16") in any shape or form.
This would require a Special Order from REMO, that's a 75.00 setup charge and a 40.00 head, and shipping, and a time lag  of "whenever they get to it"

So after speaking with Tom, I decided to go forth with setup on old head.
I decided that I didn't want to go there, it was pulled to the max, and just tired and ugly.
So I got all of our head stash from Paul in Tucson and picked through them for one nice enough and BIG enough for this rim.
Picked a hide , removed old head from flesh ring to find a home made 1/8" rolled copper ring, 2 piece.
Someone tried to solder it, that's not the right joint to solder, or the right solder.
Smoothed it, used heat-shrink tubing and CA to pull it together
Once installed it will be immobile
Radius was perfect.
Wet the hide and did the tuck and placement on rim, all goo to go so went with tightening.
Cured a few hours and did the trim- out