Work Page 11-23
Trujo (Mf'd by Gibson for Truett-George) Circa 1920s

Model A
Originally Plectrum Version, Early models were blond

I acquired in in a trade from a pal out in AZ.
Peghead was broken almost off, and an attempted repair by previous owner failed.

I decided to shorten the neck to short scale tenor
New Fingerboard is 17 fret extended, Rosewood
Being as it is broke in a particular way, I will shorten by cutting a scarf joint, gluing, repairing broken peghead area.
Then, I will remove the original fingerboard , rout a cavity for a solid bar truss.
That will inhibit any movement across the repair area ensuring success.
I will paint the neck is a dark shade to hide the repair, as was with all older Trujo's.
Rim assembly is the standard pre-war Gibson 3 ply, cut to Trujo dimensions.
They have a super unique tone ring system that is  arguably unequaled in complexity, in the pre war banjo engineering heyday.
And it works incredibly well.
It did not have it's original resonator so I will make it as a tube and plate Gibson since they already came with the tube from the factory, and then a standard Gibson style resonator.
I did that along time ago on a Trujo Special that had been burned in a fire that I turned into a 5 string, that has made the rounds in AK.
Rim assembly, in disassembly
Gibson FON#
I will use this resonator
Now for the neck work
Alot of old crackage up in there, some loose
Pull saw should do the trick
Ready to glue peghead cracks
A look before I cut the truss pocket
Leveled off.
Split diamonds as the markers, 3/32" side markers
New gears, ready for testing
I will use this resonator instead of the other,it needs a new home too.
Scale is a bit shy of 21"
Thick as a brick, and full of tone.
The side height and heel cut were more proper
Looks like a Gibson!
Steve Caddick's Kiki bridge is working as it should
Trujo Ser.# can be seen stamped in rim bottom
No refinish on rim, hardware buffed
Something like that....with pre-EPA REMO head.
It was cheaper to have it sent in 2 pieces
Close enough
Just a look before grinding off old board
Old board gone
0.20 "Maple laminate
Medium width fret wire
A nice flamed maple
Testing it before I add the tint/finish on resonator.
Tint will be a Dark reddish brown color, in a traditional 20s Gibson accent.
Stripped rim and recoated in new tinted finish
Neck finish completed, ready for final assembly.
Weighs as much as a lightweight flathead 20 hole.
Plate flange fits like it was made for it.
Time to make the cut
Now to glue it and profile it
New board, pre slotted by CNC
Carbon rod installed
Fingerboard on, doing an extension required way too much heel work so that was changed
Leveled, crowned, polished
Inside done in black, period correct Grover repro 4 hump clamshell tailpiece
3rd time is a charm, found a mahogany example I liked better, so tinted it and went forth.
Changed brassed out hoop and tube for a nicer set
Back up to tension, resonator mounted
Thanks for looking, sharing and inquiring,