Banjo for sale
Vega Tubaphone Deluxe

The top of the line tenor banjo for Vega in the 1920s.
The Deluxe was the later design of what was  previously called  "Style X No.9" in the Vega line. of tenors. The plectrum version was merely called "No.9"
At some period every company transitions, and this is what we call a "transitional banjo", meaning it is part Style X9 and part Deluxe
It has all of the embellishments of the  Deluxe.
My guess this was parts that were in the bin  designated for style X9 and was never finished before the line advaced to the Deluxe.
The neck must have not been carved yet, because it has the Deluxe version, much more intracate than the Style X9

21" scale -17 fret
Bound Peghead
Flamed Maple
Deluxe Carving
Deluxe engraving
Deluxe rim, with Abalone trim
It shares with the Style X9, the Dowel, which is stamped both Style X No.9, and Deluxe
It shares the Style X No.9/Deluxe head stock overlay, without the word "Deluxe" added into the pattern.
It has  the" worn" gold plating of the Deluxe, not the standard nickel of the Style X9
Original frets, dressed
10-15/16" rim-Remo Renaissance head
Grover Bridge

Setup CGDA., and a very good tone for a short scale banjo, would be great in GDAE tuning as well.
Orig HSC (I assume), since its been seen with both openback and resonator Style Xs of the day.
It is in very good condition, but does have one broken hinge.
Thanks for looking, sharing, inquiring