Work Page 4-2020
1920s Vega Tubaphone Style M

Convert from 17 fret tenor, to 22 fret 5 string
Original rim/dowel
Neck by Wyatt Fawley, 1990s
Nice style M, used Remo Renaissance head
Will re-use original dowel
Accurate fret slots, good to go
Nice heel cap cut, Vee neck
Neck has been setting unfinished 10 years
Quality work by Wyatt
Prepping the binding
Wood sealed, binding installed
Taking on clear
Block sanding, keeping edges sharp
Next....Inlays / Side dots
I like to leave one long, curb feeler :)
Donor neck-Vegaphone- for inlays
I will start with peg head
Ready to insert, as one piece
Cavity routed
Flat is important, inlay is very thin
Next to a 20000 series No.3, getting work.
A few more clear coats to come
Will be able to salvage a few of these as well.
Rosewood powder for inlay filler
Fretwork complete, ready for dowel
Wax paper in case of glue squeeze
Vintage planets for the 9/32 holes
5th peg reamed, modern peg, vintage button
Bone nut/Bone Pip
11/16 bridge gives medium action, 5/8 will be low
Modern No Knot tailpiece and wire armrest
Setup complete, tuned GDGBD
Settling  in, doing final tweaks
Thanks for looking,, sharing ,inquiring