Wallys B&D No.3 Work Page 2019

Repair cracks, refinish wood
Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Original Finish
Original Finish will be Chem-Stripped
Makers mark
Veneer crack to be filled and block sanded
Inside needs the gold metallic , will strip and refinish
I owned 14390, this is 19430, just mixed up the numbers!
Frets are good , need a light leveling
Repairing breakage around tuner holes
15 min strip, it will take at least 2
Repaired breaks, time to block sand and re-dye Pearwood
Cleaning the carvings out with a brass brush
Dowel is tight, at good angle, will get new finish
New dye for overlay
Ready for finish
New dye for front, inlay looks great!
All taking on clear now
Prepped to pull frets
Stewmac 147 wire installed
Fret job complete
Ready to buff
New finish completed inside
Checking neck angle with pressure on front bolt
Wally will put all his parts back on it and I will talk him thru setup
Making a logo per Wally;s instructions. It went inside the resonator
Thanks for watching