Work Page
1920s Washburn #2 Tenor

Neck Only
Refret, no fingerboard leveling
Neck is in well played condition, with frets divoted down the board.
There are some ups and downs in the fingerboard that cannot be addressed without major work.
The inlays are still in good condition, but the MOP is very thin and at great risk of damage in a removal.
I will use a modern thin banjo wire, that will allow me to get level during the fret leveling process.
This is common on instruments  that have actually been played over the years, not just looked at.

In the pic sequence you will see the fingerboard taped off, old wire pulled.. 
I then cleaned out all of the fret slots and prepped for new wire.
Wire was compressed in, leveled,crowned ,ends dressed, then polished.
Fingerboard took 2 coats of oil
Then steel wool,0000 fine, and some cleaning/waxing of the peg head.
Last Step - Laskins engraving filler, to darken the lines back up.
Now it can go home to see if the work will play out  
I face this all of the time, not knowing how all of the work will react under tension.
It is different with local players, that can have me tweak things in if need be, but it is under warranty so ....fingers crossed!
Thanks for watching, Commenting