Work Page 2023
 Weymann Style 20 Banjolin

Original example
Convert to soprano 5 string using early 1900s neck
9" rim
Deep wall resonator
15 1/2" scale
Non original dowel
Checking fit
Original luthier's score lines
Ready for mahogany veneer
New bottom laminate installed
Dowel reset-ready for rim finish
This will be its "look"
Rim finish complete, ready to assemble
Nothing fancy, just the style
New neck hardware is Vega style.
I glued them to a wood backing and reduced the tops
After finish, and with tuners installed
Not a lot of scrap in the width of the new board.
This is more of what I want
Darkening the marker blocks only.
The patent date is on the collar
Reproduction Weymann bridge,I will trim out the base
Flattened tension hooks, ground thinner
I will re-use it after modification
Need to add 3/8 to dowel tip
Reshaping the peghead, adding wood
Block sanded
Custom fingerboard ordered
Heel cut out modified for new neck.
Adding finish to all the wood
Re-using the hide that was on it
Heel cut/finish complete on resonator
Going thru scrap MOP to get some ideas.
After removing all excess wood
Waiting on new rosewood fingerboard from Allen Guitars.
Scored, and signed, but will anyioneever see it?
This will be the "look"
Fretting as I go forth with the inlay
Ready to level-crown-polish fretwork.
5th string pip installed, ready for setup
Glued into recessed areas, I will glue a washer on top of them
Early 1900s soprano 5 string neck, correct scale
Removing all inlay, fingerboard
Now for the front
Front is ready for blackening
I will use this sunburst
Checking fit and neck angle
Ready to clean hardware
Making a dowel stamp
Hardware is installed fo checking string alignment
Coming up with a peghead overlay
Outside periphery marked, ready to cut cavity
I think this will do for a nice new look.
I will want it darker than the oil is making it
Now to set the pearl
Using the oldest version of Grover Champion's before the button style shown,
Making an armrest, old style brackets
Size comparison next to Barry's PolarVox

(After adding all geared pegs)
Thanks for looking and sharing,