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1960s Framus

MODEL 5017
It is our understanding that that this was a custom adapted Framus 5017 plectrum guitar made into a 6-string for a tiny hand at the factory. 
 The nut width is 1 3/16"; the scale is 24 1/2"; the lower bout measures 12". 
Radius fingerboard, 21 frets, so it qualifies for "Short scale" plectrum.
Adjustable truss
 This is the way we bought it, but  with the very small spacing we decided it would probably be more useful back as a plectrum
 It's a bolt-on neck (easy action adjustment) and arched back. 
 The conversion was cleanly done with a custom spacer nut and custom covers on peg head.
(All conversion parts will come with the instrument)
  The bridge and tailpiece may be standard to other Frami.

New Geared Tuners installed in the original holes and all the other holes are left un-filled.
Aluminum spacers were added as bushings to make the new tuners fit snugly
Just in case someone wants to go back to a child's 6 string

A new string guide was made, in 4 string
(It is Zero fret- so has no actual nut)

Also, a vintage DeArmond Sound hole pickup was installed, with no modifications to the sound hole.
It gives a nice warm full tone, for the times it needs to be heard in a crowd.
Action is VG, plays well up and down the board.
Tuned CGBD

  There are a few imperfections on the top  in the finish by either lower bout. 
 Other than those cosmetic lines, the guitar is in very nice shape and certainly unique.
  We will ship it in a too large chipboard case.