Work Page 2023
The "Stromondello" Tenor Lute

Made from parts.
1920s Stromberg-Voisinet rim
1920s Chas A. Stromberg 17 fret extended tenor neck
1920s Orpheum 1 rim skirt

1920s  Chas. A. Stromberg Marimba resonator and flange.
Sometimes, it is time to be creative.
Parts lying around my shop find a home in such a manner.
And on a cold and icy day, when I cannot go to my day job...
Coupled with "I need a break from regular banjo work"
This is what happens.
Elmer Stromberg, before his guitar fame came about made a few round tenor guitars and at least 1 six string.

Elmer Stromberg's "Recording Guitar"
Web photo of another proud owner
This one was mine in the past
Also, Wm.Lange created something called the "Tenor Harp"  a play on words , on their  "Harp-like tone" sales pitch used in banjo advertisments.
My friend Don Wiseman owned one that was  completely degraded, top was broken and sunken so I have a new top and while I was at it, electrified it.
Dearmond "Golden tone" pickeps
So with that in mind,  the Genesis of this project, I moved on it using off the shelf parts and pieces, orphaned long ago and now coming together as one.
I named it the Stromondello, for obvious reasons.
Rim from Stromberg Voisinet, 1920s
Spruse was scarp, not good enough for a mandolin top.
Ready to rout a binding channel
Binding the neck with wooden marquetry
I will also have the reddish brown finish
Adding finish as I go, I have the match I want.
Maple, Mahogany, Rosewood, now a close fit visually.
Setup on 27/32" male bridge, ebony top
With elevated board, this is the downforce I wanted
Resonator stops fabricated from rosewood
Disassembled for re-fret with 147 wire
Now for the controls and input jack mounting.
Cut for a tight fit, bracing will be installed inside
Ready to bind, will use wooden marquetry
Makers mark, probably Charles Stromberg
First instance of hand writing I have ever seen on a Chas.A.
Checking fit and adjusting angles, looks like I want it to.
ABM gold plated tuners, 1990s
Armrest is rosewood, close fit, attached to top
Prepping resonator for mounting brackets and flange support
Adding the felt and side brackets
Bernard pliers used over the extension to compress wire
All wired in and ready to test.
Input jack recessed into rim due to thread limitations.
Chas A.Stromberg neck
Stained to give the spruce a Rosewood effect
Adding spruce bracing for the top
1960s Kay co-rod, I like the style
Bolt-thru-the- heel, easy and strong
Ready for setup, wil make a nut and bridge selection
Made a deco pickguard from Tortoid.
After that, I wil figure out the electrics
This will be the electrics, low profile P-90
Making the cut out for the pickup
Electrical test went good, no problems, continuing setup
Everything is settling in. It plays very easily.
Thanks for looking