Work Page 6-19

Gibson PB 250 neck
Dress up previously repaired heel
New Frets,Finish

Wide wire will replaced with 147 Stew-Mac
Tuners will be cleaned and lubed
I will complete the cosmetic part of the repair and re-fade the heel
Frets pulled
Board cleaned up
Starting over the heel, 0 pressure on truss
Fretwork completed, Sealed,leveled , crowned, polished
Filled, sealed, blocking
Neck stripped to peg head
Sanded to 320
Stripping peg head
Yes, it is black paint on these models.
Black dye and clear is my method
Razor blade work ahead to cleanup
Tinted, ready for clear
A quick cleanup and onward
Now to add back some patina on binding/inlay
Clear coats and fine sanding between comes next.
More to follow