Work Page 6-2019

Barry's Gibson ETG 150
FON  2290-4 (1949)

Convert from full body to cutaway

Template from TJ's Granpa's guitar
Rough cut-out on top complete
Top is solid spruce, not ply.
Lines for side cut scribed
Silica Cutting wheel is the choice for the rough cut
Now to trim off the neck block
Flush-cut saw is the tool chosen for the task.
Chiseled out, ready to cut the back
Checking the binding thickness to be used
Backing for 1/16 maple installed
Next, I will bend some maple
Ready to bend some maple
Refresher course,thanks O'Brien
Close enough, now to draw the profile and cut
Letting it dry a bit first
After glue/clamp/trim/tint
That is wood, not binding, ready to rout.
Starting the binding after routing
removing excess
Getting some tint and patina for the binding applied
A few more coats of clear to blend in with orig finish
Removing the sheen with fine wool befire buffing
Time to cut the pick guard
I put some vintage white knobs on it
Direct mount to top now.
Buffed/Waxed, ready for strings
Back down for fret dressing, final tweaks
Tuned to pitch, elecs. OK
"Shop grunge" wiped from case.
Now to get it packed up and off to the "Indiana Flash"
Barry and I figured out along time ago that we could save money, by sending the same instrument back and forth.
We just make changes and both of us enjoying these changes like they are new instruments!
Thanks for watching,