Chas.A.Stromberg and Son
Boston MA.

Chas.A.Stromberg and Son was a small shop in Boston that later gained fame by the son Elmer's inventing the Stromberg "Master 400" series guitars.
Still a benchmark standard for jazz guitars today.
But before this his dad Charles was an inventor/repairman/builder for other companies like Thompson-Odell, Fairbanks-Vega as well as his own shop.
My grandfather was a good friend of his and they worked together all over Boston.

Banjo Mandolin
Circa 1910-1920's
(No serial number)

10-1/4 rim
Patented "Cuppophone" tone ring

Wilmot - Wood-Boston MA- Spin on back plate
All original hardware, missing "cloud" style tailpiece cover

All metal clean, assembly time
Ordered a clear head, it will be months so orig. skin, for now.
New binding, 1 new inlay dot, ready for dowel re-set
Curing with a little weight to help angle the dowel.
More to follow
Thanks for sharing and looking,