Chas.A.Stromberg and Son
Boston MA.

Chas.A.Stromberg and Son was a small shop in Boston that later gained fame by the son Elmer's inventing the Stromberg "Master 400" series guitars.
Still a benchmark standard for jazz guitars today.
But before this his dad Charles was an inventor/repairman/builder for other companies like Thompson-Odell, Fairbanks-Vega as well as his own shop.
My grandfather was a good friend of his and they worked together all over Boston.

Banjo Mandolin
Circa 1910-1920's
(No serial number)

10-1/4 rim
Patented "Cuppophone" tone ring

Wilmot - Wood-Boston MA- Spin on back plate
All original hardware, missing "cloud" style tailpiece cover
Many thanks to Haris Garouniatis 
  over in Greece for finding out about it, and about me, and allowing me to purchase it and have it back in the U.S.A. .

My Nana was from Athens, and she was an "Agostopolis"

All metal clean, assembly time
Ordered a clear head, it will be months so orig. skin, for now.
New binding, 1 new inlay dot, ready for dowel re-set
Curing with a little weight to help angle the dowel.
re-darken logo background
Repairing the divot with ebony triangle
Thats better
More to follow
Thanks for sharing and looking,