Workpage 5-23
1920s B&D Silver Bell #1
19 fret tenor

Repair and restore per customer's instructions
Some prior restoration work
Finish is gummy, has had a reaction of some sort.
The missing thumbscrew in mute hole
Wide frets, worn
1 rag, full of finish
And on the topside, scraped too deep
Rim finish completed
inish nearing completion on resonator back
Ready to re-cut slots/ bind
Install complete, ends nipped
Wet sanding at 400 between coats
Dressing frets and then time for strings
Missing 1 thumbscrew
Case fuzz is stuck to it
Holes have been drilled
Minor fingerboard wear
Ready to begin repairs
Side markers too large and running downhill
This beautiful wood needed no tint
Removing binding for refret
Re-assembly begins
I will get started back on the neck this weekend.
Loose blocks popped up during de-fret
Shaving the top down
Installing side markers
MOP cleaned, ready for finish
3 more coats to go
Final wipe down, and tweaks completed
Slight backbow in neck
Beginning the stripping process
Frets are guitar width, I will not go back with them.
Dark area is the imprint of the head bearing
I will go back to its natural color.
All frets leveled nearly to the fingerboard, these will be difficult to grab
e-inserting the tonering bearing
New REMO cloudy head, medium crown
Tefl;lon dams, same thickness as fret tang.
Ready for frets
Moving forward on finish as I go
Final assembly, and setup pics
Nice "Swirl Burl" veneer
I will see how flat it is on re-assembly
An old hidden crack, very stable, no issue.
Previous binding replacement scraped too thin
...showingthe perfect fit to the outside ring
All heavy metallic removed, fine metallic will be used
Hardest frets to pull in 23 yrs. I suspect they could not get it to play out with the back bow.
Read for new Remo head
Oiling the tuning pegs
CA is wicking under all the blocks as i go
I will be using a medium banjo wire
Black dye on heel and front/rear overlays
Frets ready to dress/polish
Thanks for looking, sharing.