Work Page 10-23
Fairbanks-Vega Guitar Banjo
Circa 1919

Ser# 41980
Make playable per customer instructions
Orig Grover Champion friction pegs
Skin head maxed, will get a Remo bottom frost
Maker's marks
New head ,Rim got fresh finish, hardware polished
All in, all slots back in order
Previous fret job caused chip outs
Needs an extra shim plate
Rebuilding fret slots
Boatd will be leveled and sealed
Seam separations will be sealed
Dowel is solid, no glue release
Pulling frets, sealing laminates
New frets are guitar/med. width
Strung on La Bella Silk wounds
Low tension tailpiece, original
The Grover's work well enough for friction pegs

Plays very nicely, full bodied and mellow tone with the Silks
Comes in a modern HSC
Thanks for looking, inquiring.