Work Page 5-24
Epiphone B Tenor Banjo

Neck and resonator only
Binding- Refret - Refinish - Replace 1 inlay
Binding removed
Broken inlay removed
Frets removed
Original color vs yellowed
Ready to remove finish
Stripped all the way to the logo
Sawing slots for modern wire
Peghead stripped, dyed, clear coated
A coat of sealer before binding
Ready for binding
Resonator stripped, taking on new finish
Trimming the excess
Profiling the sides
Binding complete
White MOP with some worm tracks will match
Rough cut complete
Inlay shaped and set
Adding clear coats
Ordering some medium banjo fret wire
Another pound of fret wire. 147 Stewmac
Acetone makes it squeaky clean
Compression fretting
Now, over the heel pressing
Fret ends dressed, sealed, ready to dress
Breaking open a new gallon for the final coats
Side markers installed; frets dressed
Nothing done to inside resonator
Thanks for looking and sharing