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Gibson Conversion 5 String

Older conversion from the 1990's
Gibson 11 Series 3 ply maple rim.

 Degraded label, repainted blue  cut for flat head ring (FQMS)
Prewar one piece flange, medium flaring all around, no breaks
Possible Prewar tension hoop, shows a lot of patina
Original Prewar co-rod, washer nut
Original top lag nut (new washer)
Vintage Presto 4 string  tailpiece.

Small hole drilled for added string under the cover.
Orig bolt and nut, in VGC
Modern Gibson Kulesh Tone Ring.
Stamped "Gibson" and "RK"
FQMS neck, figured mahogany.
Wreath inlay pattern
Sliding capo, and 2 unfilled spike holes in the fingerboard.
VG frets and neck has normal relief.

Original 4 string tenor neck included
Cox resonator
Maple inside-Mahogany veneer.

Concentric rings,Conversion Varnish finish Modern hook sets
Modern resonator hardware (not L brackets) 4 point mount.
Modern armrest
Modern geared tuners and 5th peg (will search for matching button)
Pre-EPA Remo head, vgc
Older Gibson pink lined case in VG condition.