Work Page 4-24
1920s Vega Little Wonder

Convert from 19 fret tenor to 6 string guitar banjo
30 bracket 11-13/16" rim with full flanged split back resonator
Brown is not the usuaql Little Wonder finish
removing dowels to swap
Will have to elevate neck over hoop
Neck finish will match Rim/dowel.
Rim will get new finish
Rim finish and hardware cleaning complete
Neck finish complete
Smooth top Remo
Rim assembled
Ready to elevate neck
Gotoh Aged nickel with butterscotch buttons
New unbleached bone nut
Moving along on the resonator
Clear coats before 2 tint coats
First tint is Honey Amber, edge tint is dark vintage maple
Edge tint is the same, but with 4 drops black
Final clear coats
More to follow