Workpage 1-2024
1920s B&D Style 3A Banjo Uke

Repair and Refinish as needed
Locate missing parts

Locating correct washers for hex bolts
dowel yoke pin is not correct, I have one
Locating 16 Hooksets
Chip on peghead top
Rim is turned differently from the standard , uke ring is different.
1 bleached spot to tint
Extension re-glued
New fret, ready to bind, ivoroid nitro binding.
Taking on clear coats, rim/res, Metal all brightened
This will be be a challenge, to have enough left to tuck. I want the label to center up
I gathered up a full set of correct tension hook/nuts and cleaned them.
That ,may be the least I have ever trimmed.
1500 W lamps woll make it think it is summer.
I will change that 1 odd anchor shoe.
I'll need a Grover "Ideal" tailpice cover, or a complete Ideal. This one is correct for the model but missing its cover.
Friction tuners holding well.
Cured, trimmed, cleaned, waxed
Another place there is usually a maker's mark, this is "44"
Daddario "Titanium" nylon strings, 9-16" inserted bridge
Maker's mark, same as on rim.
Buffing metal, dig cam stopped the motion at 1000 RPM
Binding removed
Binding on, ready to micro-plane
Ready for head installation, calfskin.
Calculate that in 1929 $$...
This ia all I have as far as "tuck" and fleash ring is where I want to be.
All of the remnant, and only a few friends (Steve/Tyler) will maybe smile.
Repairing the divot with amber CA
Adding side markers or curb feelers, at owners' discretion :)
A shot not often seen, with back plate off/flange on
Time to blow the dust off my Fisheye Eliminator. Some sort of contamination in the inside finish.
Decided that I did not like the tone this hide allowed, I am going to use a thicker Joe Rogers "Union Warranted"vintage hide.
Ready to set up
Usually placed right at the back.
Stripping finish
Ready for clear coats
Re-sawing fret slot
Re-purposing a vintage National Tannery select grade , 1920's
Wetted, and curling back into life
Not easy, just partience and experience when working with so little excess.
Cured, loving it, taut and will pull taut as well as clear the extension
Tints applied, clear coats beginning
Beginning to re-assemble
It creates a barrier coat when mixed with finish, so that more finish can be applied...
Will use the inside, nice and clean
Buffing complete on back
Thanks for looking and sharing,