Work Page 11-2020
John's 1920s Regal Tenor Guitar

Neck needs reset
Setup CGDA
Rosewood back and sides- Spruce top
Instrument is in VG orig. condition.
Low playing time
I will steam out the neck, and reset the angle.
The bridge is not intonated where it has been sitting many  years, hence the discoloration when I do intonate it. If the neck has been loose a long time, maybe someone moved it to intonate because of high action, or its just never been set.
Using my steam needle and then separating knife, I carefully lift the extension. Even doing this carefully, I got a slight cracking in the fragile pearwood extension but saved it, added some glue, it will be fine.
Then I used my neck jig and more steam to remove the neck safely.
No damage to dove tail.
11-21 update
 Shims were installed to tighten it up  when the neck was previously reset. After I took a closer look I could see the differences in the glue, and the fact that the fingerboard had never rested back down onto the body.
I had to clean all of that out and then the neck would ride down to the bottom of the pocket.
So I got that as I wanted it, used fish glue for the joinery, and clamped off.
Neck angle is correct now and fingerboard mates to the body without extra wood under it.
It will have the normal "drift down" where it attached to the body but being lower is better than one that rises andvery few peopl3 care to play up on the extension.
11-28 Update
After a week of cure time, I set it up on GHS strings, in CGDA as pe customer instructions.
With the 21" scale, I like a 32w-26w-15s-11s
Dialed in the action and adjusted the nut/bridge slots
Polished it up, oiled fingerboard, light wax on the wood,polished frets.
Plays well up and down, nice volume and tone, clear as a bell.
Time for it to go home and make some music.
Thanks for watching, Vinnie