Work Page 8-2020
JP (Jim Patton) Tenor Banjo

Repair simple heel crack
Glue the break with Fish glue
Clamp 6 hrs, drill out for 2  3/16" Bamboo drift pins
Sink in at angle, past break and under fingerboard
Recess 1/16, fill with ebony dust and glue, flatten, dye heel cap and polish
Hardening oil used to blend back in the finish.
Setup GDAE
This is the first JP in the shop.
It is very well made, and exceptionally well thought out.
It takes some of the better aspects of Weymann, and some of its own magic.
I am enjoying working on something fresh, and worthy "of note"
Pics tell the tale, nothing too complicated here, just get that all back in order and back to the owner.
Thanks for looking,Vinnie