Project for Kurt Abell
A "Labor of Love"

Custom Bait Fishing Rod
"The Perch Jerker"

Re-purposed Ome Grand Artist Renaissance Banjo heel

This came from Cathy Reilly's Dad's Ome Grand Artist Renaissance plectrum, that had its neck broken into piece in an accident.
She being the great friend that she is, sent me the leftovers of the neck, and a piece of the peg head.
I had it around here a couple years now, and  when I knew Kurt was coming to see me my mind went to clicking
You may know him as a bad to the bone plectrum player but he is also a bad to the bone fishing guide, that has lost more fish than we will ever boat or land.
Since we both love fishing, we spent all of our banjo time  telling fish tales and the heck with banjos!
So I decided to take a new  Shakespeare  1101 "ugly Stick" 2 piece medium action rod, and cut it into pieces.
It was painful, I admit!
I used a budget Omega 203 Pro on it, closed faced reel.
Letter back from Cathy Reilly- Finn

Dear Vinnie,This is beyond fabulous!!!! 
Long before banjos were in our family, my Dad was an avid fisherman.  He built his own boat in the basement of our house and we would spend hours on  it fishing for flounder, trolling for blues, and hauling in crabs. My childhood summers were all about fishing with my Dad. We left the dock at 6 am and returned 6 at night. If he could only see this masterpiece of yours.  I know Kurt will appreciate and enjoy such a fine rod. 
You are truly a treasure.  Sparkey is smiling today seeing his one love turned into another.
Thank you Thank you, Thank you.

Much love,
So Kurt,  you had no idea  that I did have an idea,, and that idea came to fruition.
Someday when you jerk a perch with it, snap a pic and send me the smile!
Love ya Brother.
And thank you Cathy, I did find a way to re-purpose  Dad's stuff and keep it in our banjo family :):)
Vinnie Mondello