Work Page 2020
Lange-Made Banner Blue

19 fret tenor
11" arch top rim
Repair as needed to play
No Dis-assembly pics
Rim is maple, 3 ply, walnut veneer-strip-seal-re-finish
Hardware is re-plated 90 percent / Chrome- VG- Buff/wax
Dowel is pulled, and re-hardened - will  steam out / re-set/new black
Broken bone nut- will replace
Resonator-  Walnut veneered
 Clean, scuff, add finish to over old varnish, preserve deco-applique.
Add new resonator mounting hardware (Missing - thumbscrews, 1 L brkt) Add new felt
Set-up on Pre-EPA REMO , bottom frosted
Neck, Laminated Walnut
Seal laminate-  Strip-refinish-dress frets-oil fingerboard
(Heel cap pulled to remove dowel)

Final Assembly
Neck finish completed, dowel stick re-set
Someone cut the dowel off on the tip after it pulled loose to make it work again, so I just left it alone, its tight with its lag bolt and neck hardware
Rim hole for dowel was over sized so shim wood was used to trim it up before installing hardware. Neck angle is VG 5/8 bridge gives VG action.
Added a  universal chrome down force tailpiece  and a Gibson style double bracket armrest that fits it better than it fits a Gibson...go figure.
Tuned CGDA, 30-24-14-10
Friction tuners working very well.
New resonator L brackets /thumbscrews fit the flange like they were made for it as well....bonus.
Tone is good, nice and clear ringing like a bell.

Thanks for looking, sharing,inquiring.